Solent Transits Onshore Works Complete

We have completed the Solent Transits Onshore Works for SGN.
The works comprised of the construction of a new AGI at Gurnard on the Isle of Wight, and the construction of a new high pressure link between the new AGI at Gurnard and the existing Gas Network at Tuttons Hill serving the Isle of Wight. Modification of existing gas infrastructure at the Lepe AGI.
The scope of the project includes:
- Horizontal Boreholes driven from Gurnard,
- Preparation of cross country lay down strip.
- Stringing of 600 mm steel pipes, welding NDT.
- Installation of pipeline
- Civil works associated with the construction of bases at the Gurnard site.
- Construction of housing at Gurnard.
- Isolation and removal of redundant gas infrastructure at Lepe
- Demolition of existing valve house
We have been deployed on this contract since 1st November 2010 and have recently demobilised.

Berryfields Pipeline Diversion Award

We have recently won, and now started the Berryfields Pipeline Diversion Works for SGN in Aylesbury.
A section of approximately 340metres of 600mm HP pipeline is to be diverted to enable the construction of a new housing estate and associated roadways. The diverted section of the Newton Longville to Crockmore Farm pipeline will be constructed with 600mm diameter 14.3mm wall thickness grade L360MB linepipe.The works include all stoppling works, civil works, mechanical works & testing of the diverted line.

Nash Mills Contract Award

We have been awarded the Nash Mills 14" cut out works by BPA.
The contract involves excavating to expose the 14" line and cutting out of a defective area of pipe & welding a new length of 14" pipe in its place.