Orbital Civils Works

We are carrying out various works for Orbital Gas Networks at various sites across the Unitited Kingdom. 
The works involve all civils works associated with the construction of steel reinforced concret bases & installation of surface and underground ducting.

Hot Standby Transformer Base - Award

We have been awarded the Hot Standby Transformer Base contract by BPA. the works involve excavatiion for and construction of a new concrete base and the fabircation and installation of galvanised chained link fencing.

Berryfields Pipeline Diversion Complete

We have recently completed the diversion works at Berryfields.

We diverted a section of approximately 340metres of 600mm HP pipeline to enable the construction of a new housing estate and associated roadways.

The existing pipeline could not be fully decommissioned for the works and so we carried out a two position double stopple operation each with a 300mm bypass to enable the “tie in” connections to be made.

All pipeline welding was in accordance with T/SP/P/2 and hot tap welding was to T/SP/P/9. Following welding and prior to connection, the diverted section of the pipeline was pressure tested in accordance with T/PR/PT1 to 1.5 times design pressure.