Logierait TRS Rebuild

We have recently been awarded the works at Logieriat TRS.
Scotland Gas Networks have a programme in place to replace obsolete TRS plant with a modern equivalent and in the case of this project also dealing with on-going flooding of the site.
The brief scope of this project is as follows:
• Creation of temporary work area
• Groundwork within compound
• Installation of concrete bases and pipe supports
• New TRS
• Inlet isolation valve
• Filter Skid (by others)
• Regulator Skid (by others)
• Outlet isolation valve
• Removal of existing station and associated pipework
• Inlet connection will be made to an existing below ground valve (19bar).
• Outlet connection will be made to existing above ground outlet pipework (7bar)
• Existing 100mm class 300 ball valve, blanked flanged.
• Existing outlet pipework is 150mm steel. Tie-in will be made to a 150mm NP16 flange.We have recently started works for Scotland Gas Networks on the Logierait TRS.

Loch Doon Fish Pass Access Staircase

We have just started the fabrication works on the Loch Doon Fish Pass Access Staircase. 
The works involve the design, fabircation, trial erection and final erection on site of a bespoke staircase at Loch Doon Fish Pass.

Pupping of B12 Bends

We have recently started welding operations on a contract with Allied International. the works involve the welding of pipe pups to 168 number 16" bends in two wall thicknesses.