Loch Doon Fish Pass Access Staircase - Complete

We have finished the works on the Loch Doon Fish Pass Access Staircase. A brief scope as follows:
We had to dismantle an old timber and steel staircase dating from the 1930’s that was now out of spec. The staircase was approximately 9m high and fitted around the inside edge of a polygon shaped concrete structure which was known as a Fish Pass. This was to let operatives descend to the bottom to clear out dead fish, debris etc.

A scaffold tower was erected down the middle of the staircase with a working platform underneath each existing staircase platform. This enabled us to dismantle the old staircase safely. The staircase was cut up into manageable sections and lifted to the top.  We did a site survey and designed a new galvanised wider staircase to comply with all regulations and specifications.
The new steel was fabricated and delivered to site then manhandled into position. All the steel was made in sections as using a crane would have caused a problem has it would have to sit on a bridge that could only take 18T Weight limit. The traffic management would also have been a problem.
We also completed the following:
 1. Fitted new support angles to the existing flooring support steel on the outer of the Fish Pass.
 2. Fitted 3 No. steel security doors.
 3. Minor concrete repairs and new Hand railing to the existing concrete stairs.
 4. New kick flat welded to the existing Fish Pass perimeter handrail.
 5. New mesh covers to replace existing wooden covers on the Fish Pass openings within the concrete structure.
 6. A new access platform and stairs within the control room location.

Stopple Removal Epping Complete

We have completed works on the Stopple Removal works at Epping. 
The works consisted of removal of stopple tees and TOR fittings at twelve locations on the UKOP 14" pipeline between Epping Junction and Thames. We installed new cut lengths of pipework and carried out retrospective mechanical testing.

Earkring Training Centre Skid Units

We have just started works on the Eakring Training Centre skid units which we will be fabricating at our head office in Ilkeston. 
We will be producing three skid units for the training centre: 4" Regulating skid unit and frame, 12" Metering skid unit and frame and an 18" Filter skid unit and frame.